ESM's Vegita & Usagi!?!?!?
Chapter Six
by Eternal SailorM

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Haruka sighed faintly as she followed her protectorate, even though said protectorate didn't really require protecting anymore; thus was the cause of the sigh. The Sailor Senshi had always been Usagi's protectors, in this lifetime at least, and yet it seemed they were becoming obsolete, perhaps even pointless. She'd been witness to just one of Gokou and Vegita's so-called "sparring" matches, and she'd felt the earth tremble beneath her feet, and she'd known she was beaten. Even the eight-year-old son of Gokou, she believed his name was Gohan, was easily her superior.

But the Sailor Senshi woul have their time to shine again later, when the wizard put in his appearance. Six days left.

Which was why Serenity was making the rounds, it seemed, making friends with her soon-to-be allies. Gokou, granted, seemed to take an instant liking to her - and everyone else for that matter. Now that she had been deemed not a threat, Bulma seemed to being out of her way to become friends with the Princess. Vegita, well, he was her brother, and if he was a bit gruff and if he did tend to spend a lot of time in the gravity room, it was pardonable because there was blood uniting them.

The real surprise was her sudden friendship with the only other demi-Saiyajin on the planet (for now), Son Gohan. He followed her in a way that spoke of great admiration, as he listened to and devoured her every word. As he was doing now.

Serenity was demonstrating a strange ki technique she said she'd picked up in last night's dreams. Not odd in and of itself, but it was unusual that she wore such a sad expression as she did it. It certainly wasn't because she wasn't good at it, because she certainly was.

"What's wrong, Serenity-san?" Gohan asked, beating Haruka to it.

"Gomen nasai, Gohan-kun. I was thinking about someone."

The boy's expression turned worried. "Who, Serenity-san?"

"The man who taught me this technique, Bardocku."

"The name seems familiar," Gohan thought aloud. "I think Freezer mentioned it."

Serenity growled something that sounded like something rather demeaning against the entire Cold family and Freezer in particular. "Freezer killed him personally, I'm told. Threw the attack that destroyed the planet Vegita right through him." She turned to her and called out, "I'll be back, Haruka!" She turned back around and started flying, something else she'd picked up since last night, toward the forest.

"Gohan-kun, please, follow her," Haruka asked. He nodded and took off after her. Haruka sighed; this was making for a long week.

"Ne, Serenity-san!" Gohan yelled. "Slow down; you're flying too fast!"

She glanced over her shoulder at him, sighed, and dropped from the sky into the woods, and he followed her. Once he'd caught up, she resignedly asked, "Why are you following me, Gohan?"

"Because you looked upset."

"Bardocku was the best friend I had on Vegitasei, besides oniisan, of course. He was the only adult Saiyajin who was nice to me. I mean, look at me: by the standards of the Saiyajin, I'm a freak. If I wasn't royalty, I would have been killed at birth. Yet, he cared for me, protected me, and now he's dead and I'm trying to explain him to his own grandson!"

Everything was silent for a moment, not a sound in the woods except for the occasional twittering of the birds, then a young boy's voice asked very softly, "Would I have liked him?"

"Yes, Gohan-kun, you would have."

"I wish I could have met him."

"So do I, Gohan-kun. So do I."

A light flashed from the locket on her chest.

30 November 2000

Like always, I'm so sorry these chapters take so long to get out. Rowan-chan gave me some great ideas on how to write more of it, but it is still difficult. Anyway big hugs to everyone who was so nice about requesting another chapter and a bigger glomp to those few people who e-mailed me about it. You know who you are.

"There're lots of troubles lying ahead
But that's also the chance to start flying gracefully
Everyone's beautiful when they're serious.
Have confidence and clear one by one."
-Otome no Policy (Maiden's Policy), Bishoujo Senshi Seera Muun