ESM's Vegita & Usagi!?!?!?
Chapter Five
by Eternal SailorM

"Bulma-san," Serenity quietly asked. The two women sat on the yellow couch in Capsule Corp's living room, Gohan claiming the spot directly beside the blonde woman, seemingly asleep. She appeared to be becoming quite attached to the seven-year-old boy.


"Why did you get so angry when you saw me with oniisan?" She grinned, a sly look on her face. "Are you and my oniisan an item?"

Bulma's eyes went wide, and she turned a shade of red that didn't seem humanly possible. Man, she wasn't even human herself, and she didn't think she could turn such a color. "Ano," Bulma floundered.

"Saa, daijoubu. Best of luck. How much longer should it take all these people of yours?"

"An hour, tops."

"Ah, okay." She stretched lazily. "So, Bulma-neesan," the other woman seemed surprised by the term, "when are you due?" Though the sly look was back again, she also looked rather serious.

"Umm, in six months, December. How did you know?"

She shrugged. "I just did."

"So if you're only half-Saiyajin, then what's your other half? You're not human, and Vegita said your planet is gone."

Serenity sighed and pulled Gohan in her lap, holding him rather like a teddy bear. "Well, I looked up one night a few years ago, and it was just gone."

"So you could see it from Earth?"

"Yeah, easily." She shook her head and apologetically smiled at Bulma. "Gomen ne, Bulma-neesan. I still haven't told you, have I? I'm half Lunarian."

"Lunarian? You're from the Moon."

"Hai. It's part of that long story." She paused, biting her lip and resting her head on Gohan's, a rather thoughtful expression on her face. "Though I suppose I could tell you, if you'll help me explain to the others later."

"You've got a deal, Serenity."

"Okay, to begin with, I'm about a year and a half younger than oniisan. Not long before Freezer destroyed Vegitasei, my okaasan tooke me and her court back to her planet, this planet's Moon, then to further protect us, she used her power and the power of the Ginzuishou to move us all back in time, a thousand years into the past."

"Wait a minute," Bulma interrupted. "What is this Ginzuishou?"

Serenity reached inside her shirt and produced a perfect crystal on a silver chain. "This is the Ginzuishou. It's the source of Lunarian power." She tucked it back into hiding. "It's one of the most powerful objects in the universe."

"Finish your story please."

The blonde woman smiled at the boy she still held. "When did you wake up, Gohan-kun?" He shrugged. "Okay, to continue, the time okaasan moved everyone to was peaceful for a very long time, until I was about to turn eighteen actually. That's when we were attacked and destroyed by a creature called Metallia. It completely wiped out the White Moon Kingdom. Okaasan used the last of her power to have all of us who died in the battle reborn here, in this time, and to temporarily contain Metallia and her followers. And that was nearly twenty years ago," she concluded.

"What about that Metallia creature?" asked Gohan, turning around to face her. "Is it still going to be a threat?"

"I destroyed it many years ago," Serenity answered blandly. "With the help of a few of my friends, of course. My own court, to be exact, or at least part of it. We got rid of Metallia and all her followers."

"So why did you wait until now to show up here?" Bulma asked.

"Okaasan erased all our memories of the past when we were reborn, so I had no knowledge I had a brother until she let those memories start returning a few weeks ago. It seems that when I reach my twentieth birthday the person who set Metallia free will come after me. Okaasan told me it would be safest for me here."

"Ano, Serenity-san? When is your birthday?" questionned Gohan.

"June 30th, a week from now." She looked a bit contrite, but only a bit. "Gomen nasai, Bulma-neesan, Gohan-kun."

10 July 2000

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