ESM's Vegita & Usagi!?!?!?
Chapter Four
by Eternal SailorM

"Gohan." Bulma's voice was low and deadly. He redirected his fullest attention to the blue-haired woman. "Go get Son-kun here before I kill Vegita myself."

"Hai!" The boy disappeared, already flying his fastest back to the drivers' training area. If Bulma threatened to kill someone in the mood she'd been in lately, after all, it would take more than a miracle to stop her. He almost felt sorry for Vegita-san; he knew he pitied Serenity-san.

"I knew you'd be here!" Serenity declared excitedly. "I heard the words 'Capsule Corporation', and I knew that this is where you would be!"

"How long have you been on this planet?" Vegita asked. Bulma forced herself to pay attention; it never hurt to know about the enemy.

"Almost twenty years. Why didn't you find me when you got here?"

The scowl Bulma knew well returned. "Your planet was gone. I thought you'd been destroyed with it, but apparently you were already here."

Serenity opened her mouth to answer, then she froze, glancing wildly around. Less than a second later, Gokou and Gohan reappeared, and Bulma was suddenly very thankful for Shuken Idou. The blonde woman whirled to face the taller Saiyajin, and her face nearly collapsed in shock. "Bardocku?" she shrieked.

"Too young," Vegita commented, smirking.

"Too. . .? Kakaroto?!?" Her voice seemed to have been raised a few decibles.

"Kakaroto?" Bulma repeated in a whisper. Now she felt really lost. Why would the small woman call Son-kun by that name? Unless. . . "You're a Saiyajin?"

"Half actually." She gazed up at Gokou and grinned. "You've grown up since the last time I saw you, Kakaroto." She turned back to Vegita, hands on her hips. "You've been keeping me a secret!"

He shrugged. "Thought you were dead. It seemed pointless to tell."

"You're as infuriating as ever!"

As ever? Bulma thought. "He's always been like this, Serenity-san?" What an odd name for a Saiyajin, even half.

Large blue eyes met hers. "Of course. Ever since we were little children."

"So he was always obnoxious," Bulma surmissed.

Serenity started to answer, but Vegita cut her off. "She was the obnoxious one."

"Oniisan!!!" Serenity shrieked. She looked ready to take a piece or two out of him.

"Oniisan?" Bulma, Gokou, and Gohan repeated in one voice.

"She's your sister, Vegita?" Gokou continued.

"But that's impossible," Bulma just barely choked out.

"I'm his half-sister," Serenity explained, much more calmly, turning back to face them. "I'm only half-Saiyajin, after all. I look like my mother." She shot a very unpleasant look in her brother's general direction. "And I act like her too. Not at all like Mr. Attitude over there."

"Hn," Vegita snorted, "imouto no baka. I'm going to train."

Gokou's eyes lit up like a child's at Christmas. "Can I come too?" he pleaded, apparently already over the shock of Serenity's announcement.

Vegita just snorted again and left the room, though he did not object when the taller Saiyajin followed him. Serenity and Bulma both smiled at the sight. "I can hardly believe that's Kakaroto," Serenity wistfully stated.

"When did you last see him?" Bulma couldn't help asking.

"He hadn't even come out of the incubation tank yet," the other woman honestly answered.

"So why are you here now, Serenity-san?" questionned Gohan.

She sighed and frowned. "It's a long story that I'd really rather only have to tell once."

24 May 2000

Sorry it took so long. I'm really out of the mood I was in when I started this. It could be a while before it's finished.

I'd like to thank everyone that pestered me to get this chapter out, in particular Stormy, Princess Cosmos, and others.

"There're lots of troubles lying ahead
But that's also the chance to start flying gracefully
Everyone's beautiful when they're serious.
Have confidence and clear one by one."
-Otome no Policy (Maiden's Policy), Bishoujo Senshi Seera Muun