ESM's Vegita & Usagi !?!?!?
Chapter Three
by Eternal SailorM

"The western capital," she breathed aloud. A warm breeze blew two streamers of blonde hair nearly two feet longer than her body far to her right. "He's here; I know it."

"The western capital," began Ami, "one of the richest cities after Tokyo, home of the world-famous Capsule Corporation. . ."

She didn't hear anything else the blue-haired woman said. Those two words continuously ran over and over in her mind, "Capsule Corporation. . ."

"Minna," she stated, "I'm going to look around a little bit, grab me something to eat and all. I'll be at the hotel later, okay?"

"Of course, Usag--Serenity," Makoto corrected herself.

"Ja, minna," the princess stated, turning and disappearing into the crowd.

"Think she'll be okay?" Rei asked, staring in the direction the other woman had gone.

"If it were Usagi," Michiru stated sorrowfully, "I'd be worried, but Serenity. . . she'll be fine. She'll find him before the day's out."

She frowned as she looked in the distance at the yellow dome building. That was the direction she needed to go. Her frown deepened, and she ate another huge bite of ice cream to cover it.

She glanced at the window again and was confronted with a set of huge black eyes. She grinned and beckoned the boy in, already ordering a second sundee. "Ohayoo," she greeted.

"Hi," he returned as the ice cream was set down in front of him.

"I'm Serenity."

"Gohan," he answered around eating. "Pleased to meet you."

Kid eats like a Saiyajin, she thought to herself. I forgot to ask okaasan if there were any other Saiyajin around here besides me and oniisan. She did say there were a few survivors.

"Do you live around here, Gohan-kun?" she asked.

"Not really. I was watching my 'tousan and Piccolo-san take their driving tests, but they were doing so bad that I left. What about you, Serenity-san?"

"Me? I'm from Tokyo. I'm here to find someone I used to know."

"Really?" He swallowed another mouthful. "I bet Capsule Corp. would have records of everyone around here."

Bingo! "Maybe, but I bet they don't let just anyone waltz in off the street to go through their records."

He grinned. "But I know the owner's daughter. I have an open invitation to show up whenever I'd like."

"So you can get me in, eh, Gohan-kun?"


The blonde-haired woman walking beside him seemed a bit nervous, Gohan noted to himself. Bulma-san had told him he could drop by anytime and had told him he could bring a friend if he wanted. Of course, excluding the Haiyu Dragon, most of his friends were usually either here or at the Kame House.

"So who are you looking for, Serenity-san?" he asked, looking over his shoulder at her.

A very wistful expression settled over her face. "Someone very special to me, who I haven't seen in a very long time, Gohan-kun."

"Oh. Do you miss him?"

She sighed. "More than words can say, Gohan-kun. More than words can say."

"Your boyfriend?"

"Iie, but someone I love very much." She glanced down at him and winked. "That's why I'm going to find him."

By then, they were at the family enterance to Capsule Corp. Gohan knocked, and a moment later Bulma opened it. "Konnichi wa, Gohan-kun."

"Bulma-san, this is Serenity-san. She's looking for someone," he began after formally bowing. "Do you think Capsule Corp.'s records might be able to help her?"

"I don't see why not. Come on," Bulma stated. "They're back this way."

"Doomo arigatoo gozaimasu, Bulma-san," Serenity answered. "I truly appreciate this."

As they began walking, Gohan and Bulma began chatting among themselves. Their conversation had only been going a few minutes when he noticed Serenity wasn't there. "We lost Serenity-san," he announced.

"Kuso! I hoep she doesn't run into Vegita," Bulma complained as they began to retrace their steps. "He's in a really pissy mood today."

Faintly Gohan could see long blonde hair go around a corner far ahead of them. Without a word, he flew after her, turning the corner--

--To see Serenity and Vegita staring at each other in nothing less than dumb-founded shock. They know each other? Gohan's mind was screaming. But that's impossible! As Bulma caught up with him, the thought struck him, Oh, Kami-sama, he's the one she's looking for. She loves him. And it seemed like he and Bulma-san had something going. . .

"Vegita!" the blonde woman cried happily, throwing herself at Vegita.

To Gohan's unending surprise, Vegita caught her and held her very tightly; Gohan was somewhat shocked that the delicate-looking woman didn't break into a thousand pieces. The Saiyajin prince's eyes were squeezed shut as if he were in pain. "Serenity," he breathed. His voice sounded choked, and Gohan could see his grip tighten once more before he held the woman a few feet away from him. He looked her up and down then grinned. There was an unusual expression on his face. "I missed you."

"I missed you too."

17 April 2000

Author's Note: I'm guessing at a lot of things here: the location of DBZ compared to BSSM; how to write Gohan & Bulma; & how Vegita would react to seeing his long-lost sister, who he'd thought was dead. What I'm really trying to say is: if I screw up, don't hurt me!