ESM's Vegita & Usagi!?!?!?
Chapter One
by Eternal SailorM

Usagi was dreaming. At least, she was asleep but she was also back on the Moon Kingdom, so she had to be dreaming. She was inside a perfect palace, and she was dressed as Neo Queen Serenity but without her crown.

"Serenity," her mother's voice called from behind her. She turned to face her. "Serenity, my beloved daughter, the time is approaching for you to claim your own throne."

"Crystal Tokyo is here so soon?" she asked, stepping up to the throne her mother sat on and kneeling at her feet.

Queen Serenity placed a gentle hand on her daughter's head. "Not yet, but you are approaching your twentieth birthday. Then you will receive all your powers." The beautiful, long-dead queen sighed. "With that power must come wisdom for you to be a good ruler."

"I want to be a good ruler."

"Then, my dear, I fear it is time for you to hear the tale, the true tale, of your own sad past."

"I'm ready," she paused for a moment, "okaasan."

The white-haired woman smiled. "To begin with, you weren't born a thousand years ago. You were born about thirty-two years ago. And you weren't born on the Moon; you were born on your father's planet.

"You see, I married your father strictly for political reasons. His first wife had died giving birth to his son and heir, but it was good policy on his planet for the king to be married. We needed an ally on that side of the galaxy, and so we were married. You were quite a surprise about a year later."

"So I had a brother?" Usagi asked softly.

"Listen, Princess," the queen urged. "You were a complete oddity on that planet. You might have had a very difficult time had your brother not liked you so much. And you adored your brother. He was barely a year and a half older than you, and he was already being sent off-planet by that creature your father worked with by his third birthday."

"Okaasan, please, tell me more about my brother," pleaded Usagi.

Serenity smiled. "I knew you'd ask. Even all these years have not dimmed your interest in him. I believed some times that you two were the terror of the planet, that there wasn't a person who had been spared from the pair of you. When he'd come back from missions, you would stay no more than two feet away from him, much to the dislike of his bodyguard." The queen sighed. "I wish I had the time to tell you all you want to know about your brother; however, you'll find your memories returning to you as you move closer to your birthday. I must tell you the important parts now. When you were four and your brother five, the frequency of his missions increased dramatically. By then, even your father knew that creature wanted your brother for something. You hadn't developed any powers to speak of yet, so your father and I had managed to keep you hidden from that thing, but I knew it was only a matter of time.

"The first time I tried to take you away from there, you attached yourself to one of your favorite soldiers' leg and screamed until you triggered your power. According to that soldier, your level was almost as high as your brother's. That's when I realized my mistake: I'd tried to take you when your brother was still home. So we eventually got you calmed down, and when your brother was next off-planet, I teleported us both back to the Moon. But that still didn't seem far enough from that creature so I moved us and my court back in time a thousand years."

The queen sighed deeply once more. "You refused to speak to me for two months, and when you started talking to me, it was only to ask for your brother. Eventually, your friends drew you out of your shell, and you acted as if the first four years of your life had occured here on the Moon."

"Okaasan?" Usagi asked softly.

"Sometimes, I think you only fell in love with Endymion because he was the closest you could find to a true warrior, like those you grew up with," the queen continued, her eyes distant. Suddenly she focused again. "The time I sent you back to was no accident. No one would have thought I'd send you back to your own time to be reborn. I tried to have you reborn as close to your original birth date as possible, but I had to wait until after I'd took you to the past, so that took up four years, then it took eight more to find the perfect time for you and your Senshi and Endymion to be born at exactly the right times."

"What happened to my brother?"

"Not long after the Silver Millenium was destroyed, I discovered I could move through time and space in this form without disturbing the balance."

Usagi cocked her head to the side. "Is that like how Obi-Wan Kenobi became more powerful after Darth Vader killed him?"

"I... suppose," the queen hesitantly answered. Usagi supposed that her mother had never seen Star Wars. "During my journeys, I discovered that your father's planet was destroyed by that creature."

"So my brother's dead too?"

"No. He was off-planet when it exploded. There were very few survivors." Queen Serenity smiled suddenly. "I was very pleased to learn your brother was still alive. That meant I was right in sending you to that time."

"How so?"

"The wizard that released Metallia escaped me by traveling through time as well, but he swore revenge on the White Moon family for ruining his plans for controlling the galaxies with Metallia's powers. I was hoping you could find your brother so that he could protect you."

Usagi jumped to her feet. "Just tell me where to go, okaasan, and I'll find him."

"No only is your brother alive and well, he's on Chikyuu, even in the same country as you. That's all I know; you'll have to find him from there. Trust your feelings, and believe in what your dreams tell you, my daughter."

"I will. Ano, okaasan, you may want to--"

"I've already informed all your Senshi. Goodbye, daughter."

"Goodbye, okaasan."

Usagi turned onto her back and stared up at the ceiling. A brother she'd never known about? A father? A creature that could destroy entire planets? And a wizard out to kill her? Unerringly she knew the wizard would find her when she reached her birthday and her full power, including those she'd inherited from her father, was released. She'd need to find her brother in the next three weeks.

She didn't even stop to note how strange it was for her to wake up so quickly and easily. She simply threw on a robe and left Mako-chan's guest bedroom, heading for the living room.

"Usagi-chan?" she was startled to hear Minako's voice say as she stepped into the room.

"Are you okay, Usagi-chan?" continued Ami.

"Well... Yes, I am," she decided, glancing around at all the faces staring at her: all the Inner Senshi, all of the Outer Senshi, Luna, and Artemis. ChibiUsa had returned to the future, and Mamoru was in America. "We're going on a trip, minna, to find my brother."

22 February 2000

Sorry it took me so long to update; I'm swamped with schoolwork and finishing my epics are my main concern.