Spritus Mundi
by Eternal SailorM (Angel-chan)

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Rating: PG-13.

Nyan-Nyan. Tomo. Nyan-Nyan. Tomo. Nyan-Nyan.

Who do they think they're fooling.

My chance to be reborn as well, and these idiots present me with bodies that are already occupied.

More Seishi than I thought possible are in the room, Seiryuu all of them, in new bodies, with new bodies, with new and rather interesting weapons, but still recognizable to me - and apparently each other; they fight together and not against each other.

And more Seishi yet, Suzaku this time, and what are they doing with Tomo's new body? And why am I being drawn to follow them? Certainly it's not loyalty to a fellow Seiryuu Seishi.

There was no need to worry - not that I was, of course! - because the other Seiryuu Seishi return to our companion's side. The Suzaku Seishi are so different this time around; what was that idiot miko of theirs thinking when she got them back, brought them to this world? At least she gave them better powers this time around.

How ironic. The twins couldn't look less alike now if they tried. And Amiboshi is nearly as hot-tempered as Suboshi now; strange how he's being so protective of Tomo instead of his brother, or... what's that he said? Well, Tomo is a girl now; I can see how he (err... she) could end up Amiboshi's sister. And Nakago taking orders from Soi and Amiboshi, of all people. And Suboshi's weapons, as impractical as ever, and every bit as strange as the ryuseisui.

All these Seishi reborn, and still I, Miboshi, do not get my chance.

Doesn't mean I can't play with them a bit though. Maybe still being dead has its advantages.

29 November 2001

Preview to Spirit Mundi, my first Weiss kreuz/Fushigi Yuugi crossover. I dropped some hints on the identities, but I'm too damned tired to be more obvious. If you want to know the answer, e-mail me, and I'll point you in the right direction.


Eternal SailorM