A New Hope
As the World Falls Down
by Eternal SailorM

Daiji na hito no tame ni
Nagasu namida itami ga
Sekai wo tsuranuki daichi wo nurasu
Kono kanashimi wo tometai!!

The pain of tears shed for
an important person
Spears through the earth drenches the land?br> This is a sorrow I want to put to an end!!

-"Last Impression", GundamW "Endless Waltz"

"I'm looking for my daughter. Has anyone seen her?"

I've lost count how many times I've asked that question throughout my travels. But perhaps now, after so very long, I may have found her again.

And she contacted me, with news she said! She mentioned a surprise as well, something she wasn't certain I'd be happy about. She doesn't know that I'll be so happy to see her that I couldn't be angry. I wonder why she'd think. . .

No, I don't wonder. I've changed so much since That Day. I've felt my heart become cold and freeze over. I've hardened until there is little room left in me for love. Except when it comes to the one piece of Gohan-kun I have left, my daughter, my darling Pan-chan.

I haven't seen her in ten years, since A.C. 173. It has been a hectic ten years, both here on earth and in space where Pan-chan seems to be now. Pan has the blood of the Saiyajin in her, though; she can survive anything.

Light exploded before Serenity and Juuhachigou suddenly, nearly blinding them and throwing them back several meters. Unsurprisingly, there were arms there to catch both of them. Juunanagou set his sister on the ground in her husband's waiting arms and turned to study the crater.

Gohan held Serenity loosely watching as the cuts and bruises disappeared and all evidence of them vanished. Apparently she'd meant what she'd said once about being immortal. It was a little scary to see in action though - and purely horrifying to know a normal person couldn't have survived that blast.

"It looks like it was a missile of some sort," Juunana commented in a monotone.

26 June 2000

So how am I doing so far? Does it suck too badly? Please let me know what you think!!!

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