Mirai no Ken
by Eternal SailorM

An older woman with slowly grey blue hair smiled as she watched the young couple outside. They were just too cute for words. Seeing them like this now, it was hard for even her to imagine they were both fierce warriors. They'd been together six years now, and literally the whole world was better for it.

The young woman with the whitish blonde hair was only a few weeks away from her twenty-second birthday. She'd been with them since she was sixteen; that seemed so long ago sometimes. Two years ago she and the man she was laying out on the grass with, both supposedly watching the orange sun sink but obviously each more interested in the other than the sunset, had gotten married.

The older blue-haired woman's smile grew as she fondly watched the pair. They were so obviously in love it should be sickening to watch them, but instead it was just sweet. Even she didn't want to admit the truth about these two.

The young woman with the white-blonde hair, her name was Usagi Briefs now; it had once been Tsukino Usagi. And the young man beside Usagi, Trunks Briefs. Trunks had brought Usagi to their world from a possible future where the world and everything on it was destroyed. Both of them refused to elaborate beyond that. It was difficult for Bulma's scientific mind to wrap itself around the idea of a future ruled by magic, but when Usagi - or rather, Sailor Cosmos - appeared and suddenly Chikyuu began to heal itself, she couldn't deny it. And it wasn't just the planet itself her daughter-in-law had healed; it was also the hearts of the people on it. But all that power couldn't return Usagi's firends she'd lost in her future or the Z Senshi they all missed here.

Laughter broke her reverie. Bulma looked up to see two small figures, both with very light lavender hair, crawling all over the couple, both trying their best to tickle their mother. Her smile grew more amused now, recalling the nervous wreck her son had been when his wife went into labor with the twins early and again while first handling them as infants. Bulma shook her head. These were the best times she'd had since she was a teenager, tracking down the Dragonballs with Son-kun. Life was good, she mused to herself, stepping out onto the patio to watch the playful rough-housing.

All too suddenly, Trunks froze. It had been a long time since she'd seen it done, but Bulma knew he was sensing a ki presence that ought not to be around. "Usagi," he whispered.

"Hai." She stood, a twin on each hip, both children eerily silent, as if they too knew something wasn't quite right. Moving quickly, she handed them both off to her mother-in-law, who took them immediately back into Capsule Corp., and returned to her husband's side. "Any idea who it could be?" she whispered back.

He shook his head. "It seems familiar, but I can't place it."

A figure appeared in the sky, surrounded by a white ball of light; Trunks dropped down into a defensive position, and Usagi stepped further back, out of his way. It - He sped through the air towards them and finally dropped to his feet in front of them. He was taller than both of them, and Usagi guessed his age to be about a year younger than Trunks, around twenty-five maybe. Spikey black hair surrounded his face, and he wore blue jeans and a white shirt. His gaze was solely locked on Trunks, each of them sizing the other up as a possible opponent. It wasn't until he spoke, though, that they were able to place who he was.

"Mirai no Trunks?" was the first thing he stated.

"Goten?" Trunks and Usagi all but yelled in unison, her stepping forward to look closer and him rising out of the defensive position he'd assumed.

Now he noticed her. "If you're here, Usagi-san," he stated with a weak smile, "I must have come to the right time. We need both of you to come back to my time."

"Why?" There couldn't be less trust in Trunks's voice if he tried.

"The Dende from Usagi's world showed up in ours. He said some sword was taken from the Reikai. A few days later, a dark cloud covered Chikyuu. Mirai Dende called it -"

"Chaos," Usagi whispered.

"Hai, Usagi-san." He bit his lip then apparently had to force himself to meet Trunks's eyes to say the last bit. "It said it was looking for Usagi-san and it would destroy every world it crossed until it found her."

Usagi gasped, tears instantly filling her eyes, and he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her to his chest. Once her crying had subsided, he lifted her head. "Do you want to do this?" he asked softly.

"It's a short jump from Goten's time to here," she slowly answered. They both glanced at the house. "I don't want them finding Cali and Gohan."

"We'll go with you" was all Trunks answered to Goten.

Okay, what did you think? Hmm? Hmm? Hmm? After much bugging, this is a possible beginning for the sequel to "Welcome to the Future." It won't procede without comments though... *hint, hint*