...no Miko???
by Eternal SailorM

Somewhere in the world, in one small house: a baby had just finally gone to sleep, its mother had collapsed from exhaustion immediately afterwards, two cats were napping in windows, a small brown and white dog was barking out a window at a squirrel, a middle-aged man reclined in a chair napping, and... well...

One overly hyper and completely crazed fangirl author and her winged chibi muse were watching anime.

It was just another typical day, right?


How so, you might ask.

For starters, Mallet-sama had not yet made one appearance. Said author didn't have the internet going at the same time she was watching the screen. Said author also was not screaming at the screen, as if Amiboshi could really come through the glass at her request. And the final miracle? No chocolate was in sight.

The source of this author's hyperness then? Her muse's promise of a finished story chapter soon - and her friend's promise of a (to quote the author) "lemony goodness" story in the near future. For now, she was merely trying to sustain herself until then.

Inexplicibly, the television cut itself off. "Hidoi, Duet-chan!"

"I didn't do it!" the muse protested, folding her large dark wings around herself and looking as kawaii as she could.

The author snatched the remote away from the chibi. "I bet you did. You just like Suboshi best." Impatiently she pressed the power button, but nothing happened. "Great, chibi. You broke it."

"Hey! It's not my fault! I didn't do it!"

"Fine, fine! I'll do it myself!" Impatiently she jumped to her feet and stomped over the television.

"Eternal-san, don't wake Seth up," Duet-chan reminded her, only to find herself on the receiving end of a rather evil look. "What? It's - Eternal-san! Look out!"

"Nani?" the author shrieked as she started to fall through the T.V. A chibi hand grasped her hand as Duet-chan tried her hardest to rescue her friend. But in the end, she went through too. The white light faded, plunging the room into darkness.


"You're one to talk! I'm the one you landed on!"

Eternal blinked and glanced around her. Blue sky, huge trees, and something decidedly softer than ground beneath her. She scrambled a few feet away and got up on her knees. A rather peeved Chinese young man stood up out of the print of himself they'd left on the ground. "Baka. Why don't you watch where you're going?"

She blinked up (way up), squinted trying to make out his face, and promptly facefaulted. "T-T-Tamahome?"