Last Impressions
Act Eleven
by Eternal SailorM and Lady Allure

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Thoughts are in italics.

Beneath her hand, Heero's arm was trembling, though whether it was from anger or trying to hold back the urge to beat the hell out of the new couple, she couldn't quite be sure. She could understand; she wanted to do the same. Not to mention the fact she could see Rei's and Mamoru's deaths in Duo's eyes. But they apparently didn't notice any of that.

"This is your own problem, Usako," Mamoru was saying. "Deal with it yourself; don't involve us."

"Mamoru," Makoto stated, "you and Rei are the only ones not willing to help." She turned to Usagi. "The three of us are behind you, Usagi." The blonde nodded slightly.

"I don't care what you say. Maiko's feud with you is needlessly endangering the people of earth and I won't make it any worse."

After taking a deep breath, Usagi finally spoke again. "And we're not just fighting for earth anymore."

"The colonies?" He made a sharp scoffing sound; almost immediately she felt the tension in Heero's body increase dramatically. A too calm to be good expression settled on Duo's face. "Who cares about the colonies?"

Usagi moved away from Duo, never releasing his hand, and stepped right up in close to Mamoru, a very severe expression on her face, more severe than Hotaru had ever seen her look even with all the enemies they'd faced, and said two words that froze Mamoru and put a look of pride on Duo's face: "I do."

"Why you. . ." Mamoru started to pull his hand back as if to hit her; she didn't even flinch. Duo caught his hand before it got too far. Mamoru looked down to see a handgun aimed at his face from a very close range and a hard pair of blue eyes on the other end of the gun.

"If you lay a hand on her," Heero stated simply, "I'll put a bullet between your eyes."

"You can't kill a Sailor Senshi with a gun," Rei haughtily argued as Usagi retreated to Duo's arms.

"Then don't give me an excuse."

Rei and Mamoru finally really looked at her. Heero glanced down at her with an unfathomable look in his eyes. She could se Mamoru and Rei trying to place who she was, then she could see it finally occur to the Senshi of Mars. "Saturn." She smirked. "Are you going to take us to destruction?"

She smiled back at the older Senshi. "Give me a reason."

The tension in the small room nearly crackled audibly, mostly from the death glares that seemed to be being exchanged by Duo and Mamoru. Even Quatre had had to give up tying to keep the peace - or in this case, create it. With a sigh, Duo pushed himself up from the table and left the room.

Haruka and Michiru were sitting on the couch as he went through the living room. The teal-haired woman smiled gently at him. "Uneasy truce, ne, Maxwell-kun?"

"Yep! Ne, where's Bunny?"

"I think koneko-chan's hiding out in her room," answered Haruka. "It's safe in there."

"Thanks. See you guys later." He started down the hallway, grumbling to himself, "Some truce. . ."

"Tell me about it," Usagi answered, opening her door. "I give Heero-kun a week before he kills one them."

"I'd give him less than that, and he'll probably kill both of them." She sweetly laughed. "You did a wonderful job standing up to Mamoru, Bunny."

"You think so?" He grinned and nodded. "Doomo arigatoo, Duo-kun."

She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his. As she felt his arms settle around her, pulling her closer to him, she wrapped one arm around his neck and settled the other hand on his chest, grabbing a handful of cloth and pulling him toward the open door and her bedroom beyond it.

Almost painfully, he broke the kiss to ask, "Are you sure about this?"

"More sure than I've ever been about anything in my life," was her answer before resuming the kiss.

They didn't break it again for quite some time, not even for Duo to shut and lock the door.

Down the hall, Michiru smiled at Haruka. "I guess we won't be seeing them again for a while, ne?" she teased. Her partner smiled back.

In Usagi's room, the pair was still engaged in a heart stopping kiss; even though Duo's lips remained on hers, unbraiding her blond hair, he subconsciously guided them to the bed. She didn't notice herself, until she felt herself sitting, with her hands still clinging to his shirt, then loosened her grip, and wrapped her arms around his neck, as he gently laid her on her back, with him beside her.

His kiss was sweet and eager at the same time. She parted her lips, allowing his tongue to enter, exploring and tasting. She moaned, letting their tongues touch. Duo ran his hands up her waist, sucking on her lower lip for a moment before kissing his way down to her neck. Usagi sighed in delight as he ran his tongue over her soft flesh.

Her hands traveled up and down his back, unbraiding his hair also, running her hands though his silky brown mane, and tilted her head to the side as he unbuttoned her shirt, kissing her collarbone. She closed her eyes, resting her arms beside her, feeling his hands on her bare flesh.

Duo started at her milky skin. He smiled softly, pulling her shirt off by the sleeves. Then he kissed her chest, slipping a hand under her back, unlacing her bra, pulling it down. He noticed a tint on pink on her checks, and smiled inwardly, leaning over, and kissing her bare shoulder. His hands moved to her breasts, lightly fondling them. She gasped faintly, placing her hands on his shoulders. "Duo," she whispered, leaning back as his fingertips teased the tips of her nipples.

It was pure pleasure, to feel him caress her like this. It was almost torture. Her breathing was increasing as his hands cupped her, and she knew she wanted more.

Sensing this, Duo moved his lips to her firm nipples, suckling them gently. She smiled warmly, savoring the sensation, and pulled him up to her, staring into his violet eyes.

Duo kept his gaze on her ocean blue eyes, watching as her slim hands began to unbutton his shirt. Then he closed his eyes half way as her silky touch edged his shirt off, and he felt her caressing his firm chest. She leaned up and kissed his shoulder just as he had done. Clearly, this was a new experience for the both of them, and they were learning as they went along. He sighed, a half smile covering his face, letting her hands explore.

Mamoru had certainly let a good thing slip though his fingers, and that was his loss. Baka that he was! Usagi was his, in every way imaginable. Now she was giving the rest of her to him.

They had taken it slow up until this point; now Duo could no longer hold back, he wanted her, just as much as she did him. There was no turning back. With another long breath, Duo clasped both of her hands, placing them by her sides, then took the rest of their clothes off, until they were both nude. His eyes flickered over her in awe; she was gorgeous. "Beautiful," he said in a hushed voice, taking her in his arms, and placed himself on top her.

"Duo..." Her voice trailed off.

Duo smiled down at her. "I'll go slow; it's my first time too."

Usagi smiled back, as he took both of her hands in his, and interlaced their fingers. He positioned himself and slowly entered her. She bit her lip, trying to keep her tears from shedding by closing her eyes, giving a slight whimper. Duo gave her hands a gentle squeeze, pausing at her barrier, to kiss away her tears. "Are you alright?" he whispered into her ear.

"Hai," she said softly, her voice unsteady.

"Relax." He kissed her cheek, tightened his grip on her hands, and then pushed forward, breaking her maidenhood.

Usagi cried out faintly from the pain. Duo moaned, breathing heavily from the slight spark that shot though his body, his eyes half closed. He looked down at her, kissing her, slowly thrusting in and out of her, allowing them to get used it. Soon, his pace sped up, and he - they both lost themselves to pleasure.

"Usagi!" Duo whispered, as the ecstasy over took him.

"Duo..." she said, her voice soft, losing herself to the pleasure at the same time.

In the kitchen a bit later, the shadows displaced themselves for a moment, and a familiar green-haired woman stepped out of them with a world-weary sigh before they moved back into place. "Well?" Hotaru gently asked. "How bad is it?"

"Much worse than I'd originally feared. She's - Where's Usagi-chan? And Duo-kun?"

"Right here," he answered. The pair, flanked by Uranus and Neptune, reappeared in the doorway, clearly still in the act of getting redressed; neither had rebraided their hair, and Duo's shirt was only about half way buttoned. Not to mention he was just wearing his black overshirt; the white shirt Usagi had on looked suspiciously like his other one.

"Setsuna-san," Minako said, interrupting everyone's staring. "How bad is it?"

"I was right; she has been making a lot of time jumps, particularly in the last few hours. Thank you, Quatre-san," she interrupted herself, accepting the proferred cup of tea. "All of her jumps have been limited to the last two or so years though. As far as I can tell, she's gone no further back than After Colony 195."

"Masaka," Quatre whispered. "She wouldn't..."

"I bet she would," Heero replied. "She's collecting Mobile Dolls, isn't she?" Pluto nodded.

"And all the Mobile Suits of this time have been destroyed," put in Trowa.

"And we destroyed our Gundams," finished Wufei bitterly.

"There is a way around this," Setsuna stated. "I am the Guardian of Time, after all. I can arrange a way for us to defeat both Maiko and the Mobile Dolls."

"How?" Makoto asked.

"Bring the Gundams here."

31 March 2001

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