Last Impressions
Act Seven
by Eternal SailorM

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"Hotaru-chan," Usagi asked the sobbing Sailor Senshi, "how are you here?" When she was met only with continued sobs and the full weight of the Senshi no Saturn, she settled them both to the ground and continued with a different question. "What did you mean 'we'?"

"Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama came with me as well," she sniffled.

"Where are they?" Setsuna questioned, glancing around them, even to the tops of the buildings.

"They said they were going to survey the area quickly. Oh, Usagi-san," she cried, "when we heard what happened. . . We've been trying to find you ever since it happened. And then a new enemy attacked, looking for Princess Serenity, and we knew we had to find you right away, before Maiko did."

"Sumimasen," a new voice interrupted, and Quatre stepped into the light, "this Maiko, did she have long black hair?" Hotaru nodded.

"And wearing all leather?" concluded Heero.

She nodded again. "Then she beat us here? Kuso. . ."

"Hotaru-chan!" Setsuna automatically admonished.

"I'm not a little kid anymore, Setsuna-mama. I'm the one who managed to force the Cherry Road back open." She gestured to the fading red light.

"Ano, Hotaru-san," put forth Quatre, "this princess everyone is searching for, who is she? Where is she?"

Purple eyes turned to Usagi. "No one here knows, Usagi-san, Setsuna-mama?"

"Iie," answered the green-haired woman, "and if Maiko is here, then perhaps no one should."

"She said she knew who this princess was; she knows her face," the young blonde man slowly stated.

Even in the faint light of the streetlight, Usagi paled. "That's right; she did say that."

"Usagi-chan?" a woman's soft voice asked.

"Koneko-chan?" a much deeper voiced echoed half a second later. Heero rolled his eyes faintly; they were coming out of the woodworks.

Two figures dropped into sight, landing neatly on their feet even in heels, dressed in the same skimpy outfit as Saturn, in different colors. The one with the blonde hair held a short glowing sword; the other carried a grey cat with a crescent moon on its forehead. Usagi smiled brilliantly at them. "Haruka-san! Michiru-san! Luna-chan!" The feline jumped immediately into her lap as well, purring contentedly.

"Explain what's going on here," Heero half-muttered, half-ordered.

The two new women turned hostile eyes on him, and Hotaru jumped back to her feet, moving that huge weapon of hers to attention. It was automatic; both Heero and Quatre reached for guns. Setsuna grabbed Usagi by the top of both her arms and prepared to pull her back out of harm's way. The young blonde woman's eyes flitted back and forth to both sides of the confrontation, then she struggled free of her guardian and screamed, "Stop it! All of you, stop it!" She turned to the women. "Put the weapons away and detransform, now!" She whipped around, braid flying for a second, and spoke more softly to the two young men. "Heero-kun, Quatre-kun, onegai, put the guns up."

"Usagi-chan?" the teal-haired woman asked softly. "Are you hurt?"

She turned a puzzled face at her. "No, Michiru-san. Why?"

"There's blood on your shirt."

"It's. . . not mine." She turned back to Quatre, terror in her eyes. "Duo?"

"It's not bad," he assured her quickly, before those imminent tears could begin to fall.

"But he told me he was all right."

"I am."

"Duo!" she cried, immediately before she attached herself to him.

Seconds later, a faint blush hit Saturn's cheeks and Heero turned blood-red. Quatre politely cleared his throat, and Trowa tried to find something on the far, bare concrete wall interesting. Setsuna stared at the ground. The other two, well. . .

"Are they going to come up for air soon?" Haruka muttered. Her partner laughed softly.

"Minna," Setsuna gently suggested, "maybe we should take this off the streets."

~ * ~ * ~

Ten'ou Haruka tried to hold back a growl as she listened to the couple walking at the back of the group. Those whispers sounded suspiciously like every secret the Sailor Senshi had ever held dear. She was also willing to bet that if she pulled them apart, they'd make a sound similar to Velcro.

"Don't complain," Setsuna patiently stated. "If it weren't for him, all we'd have left of Usagi would be the broken shell Mamoru, Rei, and the others left."

Haruka winced, but it was Michiru who spoke. "I knew it would be bad, but. . . Haruka, you should have killed them. I apologize for stopping you. Maybe we should look them up here and -"

"Nani?!?" Before the exclamation had completely left Duo's lips, there were a great many weapons aimed at him; it seemed everyone's nerves were too frazzled for yells; but he didn't seem to notice or care. He stood stock still, staring at the girl beside him in shock. "Really?"

"It's the truth, Duo-kun."

Quatre gulped, not entirely sure how many more surprises he could take in one day, but he went ahead and asked the question he was dreading. "What's the truth, Usagi-san?"

She turned to look at him, staring then blinking as though she'd forgotten he was there. "The truth is about Princess Serenity, Quatre-kun."

"What about her?" This time it was Heero who spoke.

"Her identity. You see, she's. . . me."

~~End Act Seven~~

28 November 2000

Yay!!! Another Act done!! I'm on a roll here!!!!! Now that I've gotten that Act out and off my mind, maybe I can get to work on something Rowan-chan and I have been working on for a while. *Evil grin* I know a lot of people who will be glad to see it.