Last Impressions
Act Four
by Eternal SailorM

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"She wouldn't have come here, would she?" Duo wondered aloud. Heero shrugged as his answer. They'd decided to search for Usagi in pairs, and the more he thought about it, the worse idea Duo thought it was to have let Usagi's guardian, Setsuna, go off with Wufei. "I guess we should look."

The look Heero gave him plainly said that he though Duo would go up in flames if he went through the library doors. The expression turned slightly amused when he didn't then flat-out shocked when the librarian greeted him by name and they struck up a conversation.

"Have you seen a girl come through here?" Duo asked, a charming grin on his face. "Short, with long blonde hair? She was probably really upset."

The older woman smiled gently back at him. "And no shoes on?" He nodded. "She went upstairs about thirty minutes ago."

"Doomo, ojousan."

"How do you know her?" asked Heero as they went up the stairs.

"She's a teacher's assistant up at the school, and she helped me study for that kanji test." They reached the top of the stairs and glanced around, but she was nowhere in sight. "Why don't we split up to find her?" Heero nodded, and they set off in opposite directions.

Heero'd almost covered his entire section when a small gasping noise from a dark corner behind a chair drew his attention. And there she was, asleep and tucked into a spot that should have been too small for a child under eight. He couldn't really see how she'd gotten back there; the chair was nailed to the floor and there was barely enough room for him to squeeze his arm through the space between it and the wall. "Usagi-san?"

She twitched just slightly, because really that was probably all she could move, and murmured something that sounded a lot like, "Heero-kun."

"Duo," he called, just loud enough for the braided ex-pilot [4] to hear him, "I found her."

"I noticed." Said braided ex-pilot was standing directly behind him - and he hadn't even heard him approaching. The self-proclaimed Shinigami did not look happy. "How do we get her out of there?"

"Call the others. Tell them we found her. I'll get her out."

Jealousy really didn't become his friend, Heero noted with a tiny bit of well-hidden amusement, before returning to the problem at hand. It was easily enough solved, he decided as Duo told the news to Quatre; he simply pulled the chair out of the floor and tossed it aside.

"You know, you really shouldn't do that," a feminine voice asked out of the blue, and he almost reached for a gun. Turning, he saw it was the librarian Duo had been talking with earlier, the one with the strange hair. She smiled at him, eyes twinkling behind her glasses. "I called a cab for you to take her home, okay?"

"Doomo," Heero brieftly answered.

"Ojousan!" another voice called from downstairs. "There's some people here to see you!"

"Well, I'll see you boys later! Be good, and take care of your friend! Ja!"

"Bye, ojousan!" Duo called after her, shutting the phone off and waving slightly. "Arigatoo!" Then, much quieter, he knelt down and said, "Usagi?"

Large blue eyes blinked open sleepily. "Duo-kun? What are you doing here?"

"Setsuna-san asked us to help find you. We were all very worried about you," he answered her slowly.

Tears filled her eyes rapidly, then she flung her arms around him and buried her face in his chest. "Gomen nasai, Duo-kun. I didn't mean to worry everyone; I just wasn't thinking. I just heard Minako's voice and panicked. Gomen. I'll understand if you don't want to be around me anymore. . ."

Her voice trailed off into sobs, and she cried, oblivious to the looks Duo and Heero exchanged over her head. Both were obviously filing away the name for future reference. And a bit of confusion showed in Heero's eyes that somehow managed not to show on his face. Obviously, Duo assessed, such a situation as this was not covered in his training, but he gulped, the only real indication he was nervous, and hesitantly stated, "Daijoubu, Usagi-san."

She turned her head slightly without relinquishing her hold on Duo. "Heero-kun?"

"I'll go check on the cab," he rushed to say before taking off down the steps.

"He's not used to girls," Duo said softly. She slowly smiled. With a firm but gentle grip on her chin, he lifted her face so that their eyes met. "I still want to be around you, Usagi. I want that a lot. And maybe as something other than a friend."


"I run, I hide, but I do not lie."

As close as they were, it was impossible not to tell that some spark, some heat, that had been missing from her eyes finally reappeared, just before they closed as he kissed her.

~ * ~ * ~

The blue-haired librarian smiled watching her young American student walk out of the library to where his Japanese friend and the cab were waiting, his slightly blushing girlfriend tucked under his arm. There was no mistaking that possessive manner; if she wasn't his girlfriend now, she would be soon.

"They're so cute together, ne?" she thought aloud.

Her blonde friend smiled sadly at the retreating couple. "Hai, they are."

"I remember wanting to be in love like that," their tall brunette companion stated. She sighed. "Those were the good old days, ne?"

The blue-haired librarian frowned. "Minna, that girl. . . Didn't she look like. . . Usagi-chan to you?"

The other two whipped around. "Masaka," whispered the blonde.

"It couldn't be."

~~End Act Four~~

6 November 2000

Yay!!! Another Act done!!

[4] This does take place two years after the end of the series and a year after Endless Waltz.